Monday, October 18, 2010

My first ever post!

So a lot of my family and friends always ask to see pictures of the cards and other things I make. That is why I've started this little Blog page! Let's hope I keep it up. I'm not making any promises.

I'll first say a few things about myself and how I got started doing crafts and what not.....
My name is Dezirae. I'm twenty-two years old. Have a daughter who is three and acts like it.
I've got an amazing finance by the name of Chase. We also have a dog names Daisy. I live in Phoenix, Arizona but wish I lived else were (too dang HOT).
I've always loved making things as long as I've been alive. From mud pies to paper crafts I was always crating something. Ask my mom about the mud pies I'd present her. I'd put detail into even those.....Me and my cousin Aubrey would sent little cards and notes to each other a couple times a day. We lived fifty feet from each other so that was easy for us since we were only kids then. Anyways. I love making cards now a days. I make a scrapbook page or book here and there, and thats actually what got me into make these cards.
I have a Cricut Create that I bought I think in March(???) I use it quite a bit but only have 4 cartridges. I bought S.C.A.L. right after receiving my Cricut. LOVE IT. I also cut out things by hand also a lot if I can't find what I'm looking for on my handy computer, or sometimes its just a lot faster.
My brother in law C.J. asks me EVERY TIME I bring/send them a card,"how/where did you come up with this stuff" and I always just respond with " out of my head" So that's why I names this Blog Out of My Mind!, because these cards come out of my head and most the time my end product is always a surprise to even me. Also i named it that because all the things I make are CRAZZZYYY! Heh.
Later :)

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