Friday, February 18, 2011

A is for ahhh..., for Booya!, and C is for Challenge.

I don't have any followers so what I write here is really only for myself and hopefully KAndrews from Getting Cricky is where I got this challenge opp. from. I'm just too new to this Blog stuff. I'm young I know I should probably know more about posting and adding cool layouts and all that...I simply just don't have the time or patience to sit down and figure it all out! I know I have a good friend of mine that is going to school for Design and has an AMAZING Blog I need to recruit.
Anyways, here is what I've come up with. Don't ask m
e what paper I used and brand of things because all my stuff is
a "blended" family and I just pick and choose wit
h out thinking. Maybe one day I will start slowing down in one crazes to take note. Once I'm in the mode I'm an eye on the prize girl. These are wall hangers for my little smelly peanut I adore. She's three and all about learning things. I hope to make some for shapes and colors too. These are all 8''x8".
The bango has wires on it! That ones my favorite. Take note this is my FIRST entry EVER into a challenge. So be gentle please. ahaha...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cards I've made in the past.

This first card is one that I made for
I made one pretty similar for my brother.They both love to fish. This card is about 6"x6" give or take a little.

Here is another that is similar that I made for my other
brother C.J. for fathers day also. This one is in the style of a "Survival" vest. I always make my
cards very personalized with crazy amounts of detail.

This card was for my sweet nephews third
birthday this year. I had a lot
of fun making this one. And it made all the time I put into this card well worth t when I saw his face when he got it.

This is just a few of the many cards I've made for even just this year. A lot of them I didn't even think of taking photos of. I will from now on.

My first ever post!

So a lot of my family and friends always ask to see pictures of the cards and other things I make. That is why I've started this little Blog page! Let's hope I keep it up. I'm not making any promises.

I'll first say a few things about myself and how I got started doing crafts and what not.....
My name is Dezirae. I'm twenty-two years old. Have a daughter who is three and acts like it.
I've got an amazing finance by the name of Chase. We also have a dog names Daisy. I live in Phoenix, Arizona but wish I lived else were (too dang HOT).
I've always loved making things as long as I've been alive. From mud pies to paper crafts I was always crating something. Ask my mom about the mud pies I'd present her. I'd put detail into even those.....Me and my cousin Aubrey would sent little cards and notes to each other a couple times a day. We lived fifty feet from each other so that was easy for us since we were only kids then. Anyways. I love making cards now a days. I make a scrapbook page or book here and there, and thats actually what got me into make these cards.
I have a Cricut Create that I bought I think in March(???) I use it quite a bit but only have 4 cartridges. I bought S.C.A.L. right after receiving my Cricut. LOVE IT. I also cut out things by hand also a lot if I can't find what I'm looking for on my handy computer, or sometimes its just a lot faster.
My brother in law C.J. asks me EVERY TIME I bring/send them a card,"how/where did you come up with this stuff" and I always just respond with " out of my head" So that's why I names this Blog Out of My Mind!, because these cards come out of my head and most the time my end product is always a surprise to even me. Also i named it that because all the things I make are CRAZZZYYY! Heh.
Later :)